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Regarding your water quality


What are PFAS and PFOS?
PFAS are synthetic chemicals used to make products resistant to soil and water. ( Per- and polyfluoroalkyl ). PFOS is part of this class of chemicals. They are highly toxic and carcinogenic.

Effective Filtration
The EPA has advised that to effectively remove PFOS and PFAS from drinking water use a NSF 53 (USA) Standard certified water filter. In Australia the equivalent standard is AS/NZ 4348 standard.

Did You Know?
Less than 5% of all filters sold in Australia are AS/NZ 4348 certified. To verify, visit the ACBC website and search the product listing.

Snapseal Fluroguard
Fluroguard is a multi media filter , impregnated with both carbon and resin media – and is ASNZ 4348 certified.

Carbon filters
The EPA has found that 76-87% of PFAS chemicals are cost effectively treated and removed by GAC filtration. To ensure maximum removal ensure cartridges are replaced regularly.

Choose FSWC water filters for effective PFOS and PFOA reduction. AS/NZ 4348 certified.


Freshly Squeezed Water Co. has been servicing Australian families’ drinking water needs for over 30 years. We have benchtop and under-sink water filtration systems (including our Snapseal systems) for the home and office, RV’s, caravans and 4IND’s.

Head Office

NSW store and Australia wide dispatch.

38 Ramsay Road
Five Dock NSW 2046


QLD Store

QLD store and QLD dispatch.

Shop 4/448 Enoggera Road
Alderley QLD 4051


We manufacture our own high grade filtration products for a wide range of filtration systems. Our filters and systems are made to Australian Waterwise standards.
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Reminder letters for our customers

Our customers receive a reminder letter before their filters are due, making keeping track of when to change your filters simple, just wait for the letter. If you are not sure which filter needs changing don’t hesitate to contact us and we will let you know.

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Over 30 years’ experience

We have been servicing our customers water filtration needs for over 30 years, knowledge backed by experience.

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Large selection of filters

We carry a wide range of filters to suit your needs, from our home Snapseal systems to the 10″ housing systems and filters as well as shower and fridge filter options.

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Large variety of systems

We have a large variety of water filtration systems to suit your needs, from our hugely popular home Snapseal systems to Big Blue farm systems to the High Flow Traveller and Voyager RV systems.

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Quality filters, quality results

Our filters are designed to meet Australian Waterwise standards, backed by their lifespan warranty against defects you can trust that your water is being effectively filtered when it passes through our filters.

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Installation service available

For our Sydney customers we have an installation service available. To find out more about our installation service simply click here.

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We manufacture high grade filtration products for a wide range of filtration systems. Our filters and systems are made to Australian Waterwise standards.

Reminder letters for our customers.

Join our loyal, long-time customers and benefit from our many years of experience and our high level of customer service. Get peace of mind knowing your filters are high quality, excel at contaminant removal and we will even send you reminders as your filters are coming up for renewal.

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